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Reference standards when purchasing mobile lighting vehicles
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Reference standards when purchasing mobile lighting vehicles

On the one hand, mobile lighting vehicles have powerful lighting functions, and more importantly, their mobility can be applied to different scenarios as needed, so they are favored by many companies. The purchase of mobile lighting vehicles also needs to be purchased according to different scenarios and functions. In this chapter, the manufacturer of Storike will analyze the reference items for purchasing mobile lighting vehicles.

1. The generator is the most critical. The capacity and output power of the fuel tank restrict the working lighting time and luminous efficacy.

2. It is the lamp panel, that is, a whole composed of multiple high-power gas lamps. Each bulb can be freely rotated independently to meet the needs of large-scale lighting without blind spots.

3. The important component is the pneumatic lifting rod. The common maximum heights are 3 meters, 4.5 meters and 6 meters. Through the lifting of the pneumatic lifting rod and the rotation of the lamp panel, the coverage area of the lighting can be adjusted.

4. Install 4 front and rear wheels, with brake system on the front wheels. And in order to meet the lighting needs of the railway system, the design has rail pulleys that can be selected by users, which is indeed very thoughtful for users.

The above are the points that need to be paid attention to when purchasing a mobile lighting vehicle. In the final analysis, it should be measured according to actual needs and brand quality.