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Mini Crawler Dumper Truck
Condition:Mini Crawler Dump
Transport Package:1900*1150*1200
Moving Type:Crawler
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Product description

 The crawler transporter is a kind of machine which provides transportation work in complex road conditions. It is suitable for the places where wheeled vehicles cannot or are not suitable for passage.

The crawler transporter replaces the wheel walking with the crawler, which reduces the damage to the ground. At the same time, the crawler walking device reduces the unit area pressure between the machine and the ground. It is suitable for mines, mountains, forests, fields, swamps, sand, grassland, snow and soft soil or bad environment working road conditions.

• The crawler has a larger Angle of approach and departure, can handle deeper mud puddles and pools, and complex pavements with the same tire size. The crawler transporter has the size of a trans-polar vehicle and can easily navigate narrow and special road conditions